GoThemes Affiliate Program

Freelance Friendly

This affiliate program is geared to support the freelancer lifestyle. We have figured out a way to not only help you survive better as a freelancer by making recurring income, but a way for you to help the clients you work with expand their companies.

How this program works

You are already continuously working with clients on various website projects. When you recommend a template website to your client you get paid out between 10-20 dollars one time, which is obviously not very lucrative.

Many of the clients that you work with are in need of not only a custom website, but also they are in need of website hosting, support, and even SEO services.

We offer various levels of these services based on your clients needs. Once you sign up as an affiliate and refer the first client you get a 10% commission. Your commission is paid out for the life of the costumer being signed up for the service.

The retention rate on these plans is over 90%

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You sign up 4 people on our 500 per month service.
You receive 10% of each of these clients services ($200 total) each month as long as they remain on our plan.
You obviously see how fast this could grow, the potentiality is quite literally endless.

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Service Overview

You direct your client to choose one of the website templates listed on this site along with the appropriate plan for their specific needs.

Whichever plan they choose will include website hosting as well as an hour of maintenance each month which they can use to make changes, sort out any bugs that come up on the site, etc.

Obviously the larger the plan, the more services we offer (and the more commission you make), which are all specifically listed here:

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As stated above the commission you receive monthly is 10% paid out monthly for the life of the customer being on the plan.

It’s pretty simple.

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